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                    The company specializes in producing high-grade bathroom home, is a set of scientific research, development, sales as one of the modern enterprises. The company is located in Nanyang City, the hometown of Zhugeliang, a famous historical and cultural city, with superior location and convenient transportation. Over the years, the company has been committed to the development, design and production of modern bathroom home, and gradually formed a set of relatively perfect production management, quality management and service management system. The product has been inspected by the authority and meets the class a decoration material index specified in the domestic standard. The company is a cooperative brand of CCTV and has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Baidu.
                    Its main stainless steel, space aluminum, carbon fiber, ecological wood series of laundry cabinets, cabinets, bathroom cabinets and other bathroom home. With excellent quality, reasonable price, excellent service and good reputation, the company has won the praise of domestic and foreign markets and people from all walks of life, and also won the unanimous praise of the vast number of consumers. It is an ideal decorative building material for hotels, real estate, office buildings, home buildings, etc. After years of development, the company's scale continues to grow, products are exported to Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other central and South Asian and European and American markets, reputation at home and abroad!
                    "Quality first, service first" is the company's business philosophy and service tenet. We will continue to make unremitting efforts, forge ahead, to ensure that in the provision of quality products and good services on the basis of continuous development of newer and better products, welcome people from all walks of life to inquire, to visit the company!





                    傳 真:+86-123-4567

                    手 機:+8618668226852

                    郵 箱:admin@youweb.com

                    地 址:中國.南陽市社旗縣左林村工業園區66號





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